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We had a great time going to California, filming it, meeting people and hope that it becomes popular enough to justify doing another one. 

Even if not, it was one hell of a time!

Although one of the producers has produced literally dozens of videos for Penthouse Video over the last ten years, we kept the old pervert in line (just barely) and up to our standards for class and decorum. 

So if you are looking for strap-on dildos and close ups of girls fingering themselves, don't buy this video because I guarantee that it's not what you're looking for.

On the other hand...if you like anything about our site content, or have any sort of pantyhose, stockings, high heels, short skirts or leg fetish then we think you'll enjoy this tape as well. 

If you don't, then something's wrong with you that you should get checked out immediately! :)

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We are now taking orders for tapes.

To order by mail- Click here to order a copy

Currently we have available both a "Region Free" DVD disc and an 'old school' VHS format, NTSC video. 50 minutes. ~$35


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