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Welcome! Okay guys, here's the deal.....this economic meltdown crap has gone on long enough and if we just sit around waiting for the government to fix the economy we may as well call it quits and go fishing.

The problem there is that we don't particularly enjoy fishing.... so instead we've decided to take a little more direct action and provide our own "Economic Stimulus Package" to help all of us out!

Just in case you've been trapped indoors for the last 18 months, maybe you haven't noticed that the global economy is basically in meltdown mode. Yeah the US government is going to dick around and waste a lot of money and in the end you may see an extra $1.18 a week in your pocket. But let's face it, that's not going to do much to your personal financial situation is it? Of course not.

So let's put some starch in your shorts and some green in your wallet and get this economy back on track! Who's with me? yyeeeaarrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! . 

Anyway on to the details:

For the first time ever we've decided to open up a website profit sharing program with anyone who needs to make some extra cash*. This is no BS, no rip-offs.

For every signup you refer through the affiliate program we'll split the money 50/50 with you. 

Not just on the initial signup but on every single rebill as well. 

Did I mention that because we're not some fly-by-night scam site that we have excellent long-term member retention rates and extremely low backcharges (well below 0.5%)?

If you're interested please click here to start the signup

So what do you need to do? After signing up, use your affiliate link code to get out there and promote the site. Whether that's through TGP pages, banner or photo ads on other sites your work with, text links or whatever other creative methods you can come up with. If you need promo photos just send us an email
Frankly it doesn't matter how folks get here and find out about the site. As long as they signup you'll get a generous cut of the action.  


* - If you don't need any extra money, this is probably not the program for you.

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