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Welcome! Come on in for a tour!   The photos on these sample pages are ripped straight from recent sets within the site. 

If you like shapely legs clad in various forms of hosiery you've found the right place!

I love the look of shiny pantyhose photos, especially while  I'm wearing high heels and short skirts, and generally giving a nice leg show!

One more thing because it always comes up...people browsing the site look at the dates at the bottom of these sample pages and ask "hey, why the %*#@ haven't you updated the samples since April 20, 2007!??".  

Well...there's actually a very simple reason.....probably not a good one but here it is anyway......we suck at updating the free samples area and it's been well over a year since the previous revision. No kidding the sample pics out on this side of the site just aren't a priority.

However, we are very diligent with the member's area and update at least once a week. In fact, as I write this there are well over 20,000 pictures in the members area and growing every week (it's pretty nuts really). 

After ten years of craftsmanship I believe we have something for everyone's leg fetish, but by far the most popular series are the 'business tease' look with a nice short skirt and high heels. 

Pantyhose, lingerie, red 4" heels
Miniskirt, ass shot
Judging from our member's reactions (as well as the reactions of their members!) it's clear that the 'sexy secretary / business tease' continues to be one of the most popular looks...
Perhaps you'd make it to work on time if more of the women around the office wore something like this?
Backseamed, cuban heel stockings, pencil skirt
Push up bra, pencil skirt, backseamed cuban heel stockings, 4" fmp heels

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