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These are photos that were shot during the filming of our new DVD!

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If you answered 'yes' to at least half of these questions then you'd be absolutely crazy not to buy this DVD. 
dvdsamples027.jpg (150109 bytes) dvdsamples028.jpg (151179 bytes)

Don't be might still be crazy but at least you'll own this stunning handcrafted DVD to help keep yourself occupied. ;)

dvdsamples029.jpg (174963 bytes) dvdsamples030.jpg (161858 bytes)
But guess what...

I haven't even mentioned the best part....with the razor sharp image quality of this film and judicious use of the 'pause' button it's like getting thousands of still images that would take you forever to go download off the net.

dvdsamples031.jpg (162381 bytes) dvdsamples032.jpg (192132 bytes)
All this juicy goodness is tightly packed into one wafer-thin DVD for your viewing pleasure!

By now you're probably saying to yourself...."dang, how can I get me one of those things?!?"

Well that's easy enough! Simply click here to order!

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