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These are photos that were shot during the filming of our new DVD!

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As always we'll be the first to tell people that our website is not for everyone. 

You probably already know what you won't see around here but maybe you're still curious exactly what it is that we do deliver.

With that in mind, to help you find out if you're a suitable candidate for owning this DVD let's take a short quiz...shall we?

dvdsamples022.jpg (142980 bytes) dvdsamples023.jpg (139481 bytes)
Have you always liked the look of a woman in a tailored business suit?  
dvdsamples024.jpg (170000 bytes) dvdsamples025.jpg (146322 bytes)
Do you occasionally find yourself trying to be sly and get a quick peek up the miniskirt of the girl you saw in a mall or at the airport?
dvdsamples021.jpg (128222 bytes) dvdsamples020.jpg (136209 bytes)
Do you find that you simply must turn around and look when you hear the sharp 'click-clop' sound of high heels walking across a tile floor?
dvdsamples033.jpg (172695 bytes) dvdsamples034.jpg (158811 bytes)
Does the sight of a woman dangling her shoe or taking off her pumps to reveal stocking-clad feet make you forget where you were going? 
dvdsamples035.jpg (148532 bytes) dvdsamples036.jpg (187180 bytes)
Do you think Birkenstocks are the ugliest invention of the modern era and quite possibly ones of the lesser known signs of the Apocalypse?
dvdsamples037.jpg (142677 bytes) dvdsamples038.jpg (129174 bytes)

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