Love this art and it just seems appropriate!


What happened?! - Nothing! :)

This may seem like an abrupt change in status to you but this is a decision that's we've been considering for the last several months and it just takes a while to close things down in an orderly manner. It's been 24 years since we started the site and generally a lot of fun during that time, but I'm getting too old for playing dress up and the internet market has moved on. There's nothing really driving the decision other than it's time to move on too.

There are many of you that we've corresponded with throughout the years and we know that sudden changes always comes with some surprise and melancholy. Honestly it's the same for us as this website and the members have been a constant for over TWO DECADES! lol. But all things must change and after turning 50 I just think it's the right time.

 With that a few of you have asked 'whats next' and the helpful suggestions invariably trend towards online modeling like Onlyfans/twitter/insta, etc. but no that's not happening so if you see someone pretending to be me, it's definitely not. In addition to age and changing internet expectations, another key factor is that we have a number of rental properties across the country that seem to always need something and making sure they're ready to go has become a full time job. Not as glamorous but there it is!

Also a very sincere THANK YOU for all the well wishes and emails sharing your memories and appreciation for what we've done over the years.

 It's particularly touching to hear that in some small way we helped some of you through some INCREDIBLY difficult times, maybe through our email correspondence and bouncing ideas around and others through just having something to look forward to and help get through the tough spots in life. Thank you so much for sharing this and please know that we treasure it.
Then also finally hearing from folks that were members for two decades and just never had a reason to write before! Thank you too! lol


Warm wishes to each of you as you travel your own paths. Goodbye.